GENESIS has developed a portfolio of state-of-the-art programs for children and facilities to bring STEAM education to some of the neediest areas in Los Angeles and beyond. We provide daily after-school programs at the new GENESIS Innovation Lab, housed at the Challengers Boys and Girls club in South Central Los Angeles, and by bringing our fully-equipped Mobile Innovation Lab to school sites and community organizations. GENESIS’s unique approach includes project-based learning supported by mentors & guest speakers, ranging from artists to leaders in STEAM-related industries.

GENESIS programs reach and engage students who have been left out of the fast-moving STEAM revolution by fostering an inclusive and multi-faceted learning approach that lets all students connect to STEAM learning according to their passion, interests, and personal learning style. Equally essential to the GENESIS mission is our teacher-support and community programming. GENESIS provides STEAM curriculum kits and professional development workshops featuring educators, scientists, artists, and technology companies to increase accessibility of engaging, high quality STEAM education using the latest media and online learning platforms.

GENESIS is focused on supporting student and community growth in STEAM literacy in order to help reduce the opportunity gap that currently exists in STEAM. We do so by embedding our programs in organizations, providing mentoring opportunities for high school youth in STEAM-based businesses, and engaging directly with parents, schools, community members and local business. schools and parents.

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“ Before Genesis, Hotwin would only talk about gym and lunch when he came home from school. His mom said that this was the first time she heard her son talk about computers ”
Hotwin, 5th Grader 49th Street Elementary School