June 2020

Virtual GENESIS Innovation Campus

The GENESIS Innovation Campus offers international access to a new paradigm of STEAM learning and a platform for Museums to invite visitors to experience  their art, artifacts, events and education programs in an entirely new realm. The GENESIS Innovation Campus is a virtual reality platform, providing students with transformative STEAM education in real time from any device, anywhere in the world.

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May 2020

Wende Museum Partnership

GENESIS is proud to announce our partnership with the Wende Museum. The GENESIS Innovation Campus and the Wende Museum are coming together to use art and technology to build revolutionary virtual learning environments. Through the use of  gaming, 3D modeling, or virtual/mixed reality, interns supported by the GENESIS educators  and Wende Staff researched, designed, and built  a collection of interactive virtual exhibition spaces. 

March 2020

Michael Muller and Sideshow Donate Proceeds of Kobe Bryant Prints to GENESIS

GENESIS STEAM is honored to have Michael Muller, – World renowned photographer,

adventurer, and filmmaker as our partner and mentor to our students.  Michael Muller captured the iconic Final Bow photo of Los Angeles Laker legend, Kobe Bryant. The photo was featured on TIME Magazine’s cover commemorating Bryant, and was used all over the world by fans to celebrate the basketball phenominon’s life. 

In honor of Kobe Bryant’s legacy, Michael Muller teamed up with SideShow Collectables to create a series of Fine Art Epson Prints. Muller has chosen to have 100% of the profits from these prints benefit GENESIS STEAM. As Muller shared on Instagram, Kobe was all about helping people and the donation to GENESIS STEAM is in his name.

GENESIS STEAM is honored and tremendously grateful to be the recipient of over 45K from Michael Muller and Sideshow Collectibles from the Final Bow Fine Art Prints celebrating the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant.

You can buy a Kobe Bryant Final Bow and 24 print here:  Final Bow: https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/michael-muller-the-final-bow-sideshow-collectibles-501103US

June 2019

Muller video

GENESIS STEAM is proud to have Michael Muller as our partner and mentor to our students. Muller hosts exclusive Virtual Reality (VR) Design Studios, and mentors our students with hands-on experience with GoPro Fusion 360 Cameras and the Oculus Go headsets. Combined with contemporary art techniques and cutting edge fabrication equipment in the Genesis Lab, Michael’s Design Studios engage students to create solutions to current critical ocean problems by imagining and building future ocean prototypes and stories.

May 2018

Genesis Girls in Tech Team Wins $50,000 prize!

Congratulations to the Genesis Girls in Tech Team for their win at Founders Bootcamp. As first place winners, the team of young women won a $50,000 prize towards further development of their product, Hero, a voice-activated personal safety device discreetly embedded in trendy jewelry. The Hero team will now take their product, currently valued at 1 billion dollars, through an intense development phase over the summer. They will work with mentors from the tech, business and fashion worlds to bring their product to market by the end of 2018.

January 2018

GENESIS Girls in Tech Team Shows Off Their Voice-activated Personal Safety Device at the 2018 CES Girls’ Lounge

In light of news headlines detailing the pervasiveness of assault against women, our 2018 Girls in Tech team was moved to create HERO, a voice-activated personal safety device. The discreet wearable technology, embedded into fashionable jewelry, was designed to listen for custom panic words, and when triggered, alert the wearer’s emergency contacts, track location through GPS and record the incident, all without needing a phone or a wifi connection.

December 2017

GENESIS Opens New Innovation Lab at the Marciano Art Foundation in Los Angeles

2017 went out with a bang for Genesis with the build-out and opening of a new lab at the Marciano Art Foundation. The partnership with the eclectic contemporary art foundation allows Genesis to truly operate at the intersection of art and technology, and offer free visits and transportation for K-12 students throughout Los Angeles and beyond. This space is our most cutting-edge location yet, with an industrial grade laser cutter, 3D printer pens, a broadcasting room, and an eleven foot interactive touch wall which doubles as our Skype monitor when students who can’t make it to the lab participate through our virtual field trips. Class visits are currently offered on Wednesdays between 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. Contact us for more information or to schedule a visit.

February 2017

Famed Artist Mark Bradford Partners with GENESIS students

Internationally celebrated artist Mark Bradford will visit and work with our students at the GENESIS @ Challengers Innovation Lab as they reimagine their community using art and technology.  After meeting directly with the artist, GENESIS students from 7 to 17 will create interactive art projects inspired by Bradford’s signature style.  GENESIS is planning to exhibit the students’ work to coincide with the artist’s exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum in the fall.

January 2017

GENESIS “Girls and Tech” Debut “BuddyBOTS” at The Girls Lounge at CES

BuddyBOTS – empathetic robots designed and engineered by youth for youth – is the latest project of the GENESIS Girls and Tech team from South Central Los Angeles.  The BuddyBOTS goal is to provide comfort and companionship to kids in hospitals.  This creative project was showcased for the first time to a group of corporate women convening at The Girls Lounge at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The GENESIS Girls and Tech team was supported by adult mentors from the MIT Media Lab and the Art Center College of Design.

December 2016

GENESIS Opens New Innovation Lab in South Central LA

GENESIS  built and opened an Innovation Lab at the Challengers Boys and Girls Club offering the latest in state-of-the-art STEAM facilities, technology and programming to over 600 club members.   Classes and special events take place daily and will reach hundreds of students, parents and teachers throughout the community every year.

July 2016

GENESIS Takes STEAM Learning Opportunities “on the road”

During the summer months when kids are out of school, GENESIS took its unique Mobile Innovation Lab into underserved areas of South Los Angeles, traveling to the LA’s BEST site at 49th Street Elementary School, the Challengers Boys and Girls Club and the South Bay Boys and Girls Club.  The Mobile Lab allowed kids to create their own SMART pinball machines using the latest in technology.

January 2016

GENESIS “Girls and Tech”

BuddyBOTS – empathetic robots designed and engineered by youth for youth – is the latest project of the GENESIS Girls and Tech team from South Central Los Angeles.  The BuddyBOTS goal is to provide comfort and companionship to kids in hospitals.

January 2015

GENESIS Opens New Innovation Lab

GENESIS  built and opened an Innovation Lab at the Challengers Boys and Girls Club offering the latest in state-of-the-art STEAM facilities.