GENESIS STEAM is honored to be the recipient of the proceeds from renowned photographer Michael Muller’s Fine Art Prints celebrating the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant.

GENESIS STEAM is committed to providing underserved youth in Los Angeles with the opportunity to gain critical skills in Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Math, preparing them for success in employment and entrepreneurship in the 21st Century.

Michael Muller has designated GENESIS STEAM as the recipient cause because it is one that embodies the legacy of Kobe and his commitment to enriching the lives of underserved youth in Los Angeles, while also honoring his love of sharks and the ocean. 

In Summer 2019, GENESIS STEAM partnered with Muller to pilot a Future Oceans Virtual Design Studio to engage students at the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles in creating solutions to the current critical ocean problems.

During the program, students utilized contemporary art techniques and cutting-edge fabrication equipment in the GENESIS Innovation Lab to build future ocean prototypes. They studied the current ocean problems, conceptualized solutions, and then took a field trip to Marina Del Rey where they went on a sailing expedition to film the ocean. They incorporated their footage into their final “future ocean prototype” presentation.

GENESIS will designate all funds received from the Fine Art Prints to expand this program in 2020 to additional partners and sites.


Please join us in making a difference by donating so we can provide more children with the opportunity to learn critical 21st century Skills.